6 Months Hair Growth Plan

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Hair Loss can be a very daunting experience. If you are suffering from mild to severe hair loss this programme is for you. Are you tired of hiding your hair loss or is it just so overwhelming you just don't know what to do. Our team are here to help you on your journey to healthy growth. How many times have you heard that your edges will never grow or it is permanent damage or you may have just given up all hope after several attempts of different lotions and false information.

We have done years of research, trials and successful stories from clients who have been suffering for years.

We have the best professional team to help you heal your hair from the inside out.

Our Tricologist, Hair specialist, Holistic Herbalist, Exercise team and Wig expert while you grow your hair are all accessible to you while you are on this journey.


You will learn more about your hair than ever before. We will be there with you every step of the way.


This is what's included:


AHGC Hair Growth Activator

Hair activation tool


6 months Treatment plan

Progress chart

Monthly online support

Private WhatsApp or Facebook support group

DIY Recipe classes

25% off products

Instruction sheet


Our clients successful hair pictures